Meeting building needs.

Gold Profile is a solid company with capacity to carry out major construction and infrastructural works anywhere, with highly qualified professionals using the best technologies available in the world today.


Unrivaled Technical Capacity

With capacity to finance capital
outlays up to $1 billion in the next 5 years up to 2020, and unrivaled technical capacity to construct high capital outlay Infrastructure, we use modern technologies, methodologies and

  • Roads.
  • Highways.
  • Power plants.
  • Airports.
  • High rise buildings.
  • Commercial complexes
  • Industrial complexes.
  • Residential complexes.


We have come a long way from our humble beginning in 1996 to our current status as one of the leading and reputable service provider in the construction industry with:

◎    Credible and strong strategic alliances
◎    Partnerships, technical agreements and joint ventures
◎    Innovative construction technologies
◎    Capital Infrastructure and power plant builders in Europe and Asia

Gold Profile Pharmacy
and Stores Ltd.

Leading Nigeria pharmacy services, products, prescriptions & advice - online and in-store. FREE delivery options available. Convenient and safe shopping online.

Gold Profile Farms
and Allied Services Ltd.

Become part of a new business working in the rapidly growing agricultural sector in West Africa.

Crop Boosters

GPA Ltd has contracts to supply bio-stimulants used throughout the US, Europe and Far East but not yet available in Africa.


GPA Ltd. has established a privileged relationship with AGCO Ltd, manufacturer of the Massey Ferguson range of tractors and harvesters.


GPA Ltd is being offered access to a fund of $50 million to purchase agricultural equipment which can then be leased to farmers.

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